Laura Guido-Clark
Founder & Creative Director

Laura has long understood that color speaks volumes and can be felt on an emotional level. Her ability to translate color’s conscious and unconscious influences has helped companies such as Herman Miller, Google, Samsung and Toyota. In 2011, Laura founded Project Color Corps™, a nonprofit organization dedicated to revitalizing urban neighborhoods with paint and pattern. In 2017 Laura founded Love Good Color®, her revolutionary new color tool and methodology that fuses science with the senses.

Etienne Lehrer

Etienne's passion for color began as a five-year old girl when she insisted on wearing mismatched colored socks to coordinate with her outfit.  Having studied photography at the California College of Arts & Crafts, her love of texture and color led her into a decade of letterpress design and print.  She has been a designer with Laura Guido-Clark since 2012.

Ellis Clark

The son of a Designer and Photographer, Ellis learned early that stories could be told without words. This curiosity of how people viewed the world ultimately lead to a career in strategy where he focuses on analyzing trends and distilling data into relevant insights. He uses these insights to guide business and communication strategy. He is a Graduate of U.C. Davis with a degree in Communication and Psychology.

Amira Selim

Amira sees every object and material as an opportunity for a living, breathing experience. Her passion for design and color began as a child, when she would arrange tiny candy colored matchbox cars into complementary color palettes. Amira is a graduate of Pratt Institute’s Industrial Design program, with a focus on sustainable solutions.