In 2011, Laura Guido-Clark fulfilled her dream and founded Project Color Corps™, a volunteer, nonprofit organization dedicated to creating change by painting inner city neighborhoods with color and pattern that impart positive messages of optimism and hope. We believe that color is transformational and that fresh paint has the power to improve the quality of life for children and residents of at risk, disadvantaged and underserved communities. Project Color Corps creates the design vision for each project – and then employs professional contractors and galvanizes volunteer artists to roll up their sleeves and paint. We engage the community members in developing a design scheme that is reflective of the community for which it will serve in order to create a greater sense of ownership, empowerment and pride. Through this process, we also aspire to teach community members and children the fundamentals of color including the connection between color and emotion, and how color may be used in powerful ways. In addition to painting neighborhoods, Project Color Corps creates smaller, and often temporary, public art projects called Random Acts of Color. A Random Act of Color is our remedy for monotony and lack. It is optical optimism. A community act of color stirring emotions of wonder, reflection and joy.